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ISP and hosts
Builder Net Office, the web solution for Businesses
ZenNetBuilder offers to the ISP and hosting, a partnership to market Builder Net Office - a program that lets your clients design and manage a dynamic professional on-line site without a specific technical knowledge. Associated to the sale of accesses to the ADSL or Cable Service, Builder Net Office will be a source of significant new profits for the ISP. Meanwhile it will firmly increase the Customers Relationship Management. Rented to the ISP and due to its core elaborated in real Content Management System Builder Net Office will operate in the brands of the operators.

The general market
The free space left between still frames and the dedicated sites is the market that Builder Net Office aims.
 The targets
Businesses are structures that have no tools to measure
 The opportunity
Builder Net Office is really one of kind, it’s an exceptional opportunity for ISP and their customers.
The income
Sold with on-line subscriptions, Builder Net Office will generate recurring revenues (monthly billing) and increasing annual sales features for years.
The appendices
Builder Net Office will generate an additional CA non-negligible.

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